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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register for the Gym?

We are an Amateur Sports Association and it is necessary for us to have the associates. Our existence is based on this. Therefore we want that gym-goers associate with each other. The membership fee has a cost of € 15 and has a duration of one year (365 days).

In the secretariat it is possible to fill in the registration forms and to pay the fee. A personal card will be issued.

Gym timetable

The gym has flexible hours depending on the season. In principle it has a prolonged and continuous schedule during the winter season, the timetable is reduced slightly in the middle seasons and in summer. Here you can view the table of annual schedules.

Timetables are updated on our promoter social channels: website and Facebook

How much does it cost to enter the gym?

If you are one of our associates, enjoy the rates indicated in the price section.

If you are not associated with us, the entrance fee is 15 euros.

What is the minimum age for enrolling the childreen in the course?

We have set the minimum age at 6 years. At this stage the child is able to withstand the fatigue and concentration needed.

Which clothing is suitable for climbing?

Climbing is a sport of agility and movement. It is necessary to have comfortable clothing, such as a suit and a T-shirt.

Can you use trainers to climb?

No, all gym-goers (for reasons of hygiene) can not use trainers (even if they are clean and / or washed). Climbing shoes are required. If the climber has no shoes, you can rent the shoes at a cost of 3 euros.

It is absolutely forbidden to climb barefoot.

Are climbing tools necessary?

The gym does not have high walls to have to use rope, referrals and self-safe tools. The landings are protected by a 40 cm high mattress.

are there showers?

The changing room has separate bathrooms and showers.

can I climb with eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses are allowed. Necklaces, anklets, rings, watches are not allowed. It is not possible to scale with earphones (sound insulation may be a problem). When climbing for safety reasons the climber must check to have empty pockets.

What are extraordinary openings?

If during the closing days a group of people (minimum 10) wants to go to the gym, please contact us by mail or phone to grant an extraordinary opening. Once agreed, the gym will remain open only for the time of group attendance. Extraordinary opening does not mean exclusive use. Since the gym is open anyone can enter.

Is entry allowed to everyone?

To be able to attend the gym you need a certificate of healthy and robust constitution issued by the doctor.

Did not find the answer you were looking for?

Fill out the from and send us an email. Answer as soon as possible.

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